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Porter Cowboys Football Preview

Porter Early College High School

Head Coach: Carlos Uresti

Years at School: 4 (first as head coach)

Returning Starters: 14

Defensive Starters: 8

Offensive Starters: 6

Key Players: Ramiro Martinez (Senior), Jose Vilalon (Senior, RB), Christian Villa (MLB)

Offensive scheme: Pro style

Defensive scheme: 4-3




By Louie Vera


There is a newly appointed sheriff in town.


Carlos Uresti.


In the midst of his first official spring football with the Porter Cowboys coach Uresti took time out of his busy schedule to talk to about being at the helm of the athletics program and what he expects for the boys in blue in 2017.



We’re halfway through your first official spring football camp as head coach, what have you seen out of the boys so far?


“What I like is the enthusiasm out of the team,” Uresti said. “We had nine sophomores starting for us and now we see them getting to the ball better and offensively executing and understanding the scheme better with a year under their belt. So it’s been very positive what I’ve seen so far.”


What is going to be the difference in the transition period between you and former coach Tom Campos?


“Not much to be honest with you. Maybe more so on the defensive side of the ball but I was already leading the charge with those kids on the offensive side so it’s not too much of a change for them. I was also the interim (head coach) so that helped and got me acclimated to the kids and  make it a pretty smooth transition.”





What was the process like filling out both coordinator positions?


“With (defensive coordinator) Raul Gomez, it’s a gentleman I’ve known since high school who I grew up with and is a Porter graduate as well. So, he understands the area and the kids here. He was a defensive coordinator and Lopez high school so stealing him was a victory in itself.


As far as (offensive coordinator) William Deen when I heard he might be leaving Pace I picked up the phone and talked to him to see if he would be interested if he does move on. That’s something I did before I even got the job just so I kind of had an idea IF i got the job. God-willing I did so it’s great because I already have a good rapport working with him at Rivera High School for three years. We have a similar way of how we like to coach the kids.”  



What are some of the strengths of the Cowboys?


“Fortunately, we had so many sophomores coming up who have a year under their belt playing varsity football and with that is our unity. They are a close group and built a good foundation for us but when it comes to football on the field I’d say the offensive line. We lost two kids, but we run a kind of jumbo set so we carry six lineman and they are all coming back. So the unity that group and knowing how much we like to run the ball is going to be a big boost.”


It’s early, but what are your expectations for this upcoming season?


“I want to see a curve and real change with this team and program. I want to be realistic about things so ideally I’d like to be around .500 because saying we’re going to win a district championship after an 0-10 season is unlikely. We only have four seniors so we’re still relatively young big I expect to be very tough, competitive and see bigger things in the upcoming years for the Porter Cowboys football program.”

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