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Twitter, Does your program do it?

Last week, Texas Football’s Matt Stepp tweeted that in 6A football, out of the entire state, only 18 coaches were not using Twitter to promote their team.

The issue with that statement was that of the 18 coaches, 10 were from the Rio Grande Valley.

Being in one, if not the  least recruited areas in the state, Twitter can be a valuable tool for recruiting.

Brownsville’s David Cantu has @VMchargers and posts regularly and not just about football.

Cantu states,

“The benefits of posting include being able to efficiently promote all of our athletic programs in an easy & quick manner and to provide up to the minute information to our fan base.  Our athletes and parents look forward to these posts, especially when earned recognitions are mentioned.”

PSJA North’s Markus Kaufmann has a personally account @MLKaufmann, and also one for his athletic program  @North_Raiders_A.  He thinks that “Twitter is a good way to maximize exposure for our school, athletes and district.”

When asked about recruiting with Twitter, Kaufmann told 956sports that starting an athletics Twitter was the first thing he did when he took over North.  Kaufmann went on to say,

“We post highlight videos and communicate with different entities through the use Twitter. Anything positive helps.”

PSJA Southwest’s Mike Evans says he uses Twitter @psjaswjavelinas to communicate and to really market and recognize his kids.

Question is why isn’t your program using Twitter to market and communicate with it’s players, the community, and possible recruits?

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