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Harlingen ISD

Getting to know our coaches with coach Clayton Cretors.



Getting to know our coaches with coach Clayton Cretors.


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Harlingen ISD

Harlingen Pitcher Signs With Oklahoma Wesleyan



Harlingen Pitcher Signs With Oklahoma Wesleyan

Harlingen pitcher Connor Harlan has a powerful right arm. It goes nicely with his powerful drive to succeed. And in this case, the word “drive” is used most literally. Several months ago, Harlan took off from school to drive 14 hours for a college baseball tryout at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, just outside Tulsa in Bartlesville, OK.

That drive to succeed turned into a drive to success, as, on Friday, Harlan signed a letter of intent to play baseball for the OKWU Eagles and their coach Matt Parker.

Harlan was first team all-District 32-6A as a junior, and the Valley Morning Star’s selection as area pitcher of the year for the 2017 season.


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Brownsville ISD

District 32-6A All District List




 MVP– Richard LeFevre 12 – Weslaco East

Offensive Player of the Year – Eric Retta 12– San Benito

Offensive Lineman of the Year – Mario Trevino 10 – Weslaco East

Offensive Newcomer of the Year – Victor Campos 10– Hanna

Defensive Player of the Year – Ryan Castillo 12 – San Benito

Defensive Lineman of the Year – Ryan Reza 12– San Benito

Defensive Newcomer of the Year – Bryan Duran 11– Hanna




Down Linemen
1st Team: Jacob Banda 11– East, Juan Menchacha – San Benito, Luis Rivas 12– Los Fresnos, Tristan Garcia 11- Harlingen

2nd Team: Sky Tatum 12– Harlingen South, Luis Ortiz 12 – Hanna, Tony Extevane 12- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: Giovanni Rivera 11 – Hanna, Brandon Estevez 11 – Hanna, Roy De La Garza 12 – Los Fresnos, Seth Sanchez 11 – Weslaco, Gabriel Cuellar 10– Rivera, Robert Torres 11 – Weslaco East, Lorenzo Villareal 11 – Los Fresnos, Eladio Flores 12 – Harlingen

Defensive Ends
1st Team: Brandon Bennett 12 – Harlingen South, Matthew Ortiz 11 – Los Fresnos

2nd Team: Sebastian Diaz 12 – Hanna, Sam Alonzo 12– Harlingen, Gerald Garza 12– Weslaco East

Honorable Mention: Israel Lozano 12– Rivera, Cameron Anderson 11– Harlingen, Avelino Garcia 11– San Benito, Fernando Garza 12– Weslaco East, Benito Juarez 11– Weslaco, Jesse Ramos 11 – Weslaco, Oscar Medellin 11– Rivera, Jose Vasquez 12 – Harlingen South, Joshua Cerda 12 – Hanna

Inside Linebackers
1st Team: Jose Cruz 11 – Hanna, Sebastian Gonzalez 12– Los Fresnos, Pedro Gomez 12– San Benito, Freddy Cardenas 11– Weslaco East

2nd Team: Isaac Iracheta 11 – Hanna, Garrison Medley 12– Harlingen, Robert Vera 11– Weslaco East, Marco Noriega 11- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: John Gonzalez 10– San Benito, Cameron Rivera 10 – Los Fresnos, Javier Navarro 12– Weslaco, Christian Pena 11 – Los Fresnos, Cole Cooley 11 – Harlingen South

Outside Linebackers
1st Team: Payne Guajardo 12– San Benito, Mike Gonzalez 12– Weslaco East, Oscar Oviedo 12 – Los Fresnos

2nd Team: Isaiah Martinez 12 – Harlingen, Andrew Olguin 12– Weslaco,

Honorable Mention: Marcos San Miguel 11– Harlingen, Carols Espinoza 11– Weslaco East, Roy Trevino 11 – Weslaco, Johnny Cadengo 11– Los Fresnos



1st Team: J.J. Sanchez 12– Los Fresnos, Jaime Banuelos 12– Weslaco East, Alec Prieto 12– San Benito 2nd Team: Jacob Cavazos 12– San Benito, Miguel Payan 11– Hanna,

Honorable Mention: David Pena 12– Rivera, J.J. Wright 11– Harlingen, Kobe Muniz 11– Los Fresnos, Alvaro Medrano 12– Weslaco East, Axel Camarena 11– Weslaco, Alcee Flores 11 – Hanna, Justin Munivez 11 – Harlingen

1st Team: Matthew Garcia 12– Hanna, Nathan Martinez 12– Harlingen, Johnny Cadengo 11– Los Fresnos, Nicholas Castaneda 11 – San Benito,

2nd Team: Leo Martinez 11– Rivera, Albert Mercado 11 – San Benito, Ramsey Vasquez 10– Weslaco East, Evan Margo 12- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: Andres Sustaeta 11– Hanna, Daniel Garcia 11– San Benito, Benny Prado 11– Rivera, Lee Trevino 11– Los Fresnos, Issaac Moreno 11 – Harlingen South, Ezra Rubio 12 – Harlingen




1st Team: Charles Chapa 12– Los Fresnos 2nd Team: Daniel Ramirez 12- Harlingen

Honorable Mention: Nico Blanco 12– Rivera, Marco Leal 12 – Weslaco, Jacob Cavazos 10 – Weslaco, David Torres 10 – Harlingen South, Justin Martinez 12 – Hanna

1st Team: Cesar Mancias 11– Hanna, Tyrone Harper 12– San Benito

2nd Team: Matt Desantiago 12– Weslaco, Albert Banuelos 11– Los Fresnos

Honorable Mention: Matthew Garcia 12– Hanna, Roy Pedraza 12– Weslaco East, Dereck Ybarra 12– Weslaco East

1st Team: Christian Cortez 11- South

2nd Team: Randy Cardoza 10– Weslaco East

Honorable Mention: Aaron Frausto 11– Hanna, Jacob Carrasco 10 – Weslaco East


Tight Ends
1st Team: Paulino Arevalo 12– Weslaco East, 2nd Team: Rollie Berrones 10- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: Ryan Reza 12– San Benito, Donovan Trevino 12- Rivera



Inside Receivers
1st Team: Joe Cavazos III 12– Hanna, Ethan Martinez 12– Harlingen, Isaiah Trevino 12– San Benito

2nd Team: Mitch Guajardo 11– San Benito, Jaime Banuelos 12– Weslaco East, Jaden Cavazos 10- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: Frankie Garcia 11– San Benito, Aaron Frausto 11– Hanna, Adrian Alaniz 12– Los Fresnos, Alvaro Medrano 12– Weslaco East, Jaime Belmontes 11 – Harlingen South,

Outside Receivers
1st Team: Rolando Ramirez 12– Hanna, Nico Valencia 10– Los Fresnos, Tyler Solis 12– San Benito 2nd Team: Derrick Delgado 11– South, Joe Reyna 11– Harlingen, J.C. Vargas 12– Weslaco East

Honorable Mention: Jacob Cavazos 12– San Benito, Jaime Galvan 10– Harlingen, Robert Ramirez 12– Los Fresnos, Hector Saenz 12 – Weslaco East, Oscar Lozoya 12– Rivera, Eddie Uribe Jr. 12– Los Fresnos, Brady Bennett 10 – Harlingen South, Christopher Cardenas 12 – Hanna, Ryan Wally 12 – Harlingen, Dalton Mann 11- Harlingen

1st Team: Andres Garcia 12– San Benito 2nd Team: Mario Chavez 12– Los Fresnos

Honorable Mention: Austin Cardenas 12– Weslaco, Rick Ochoa 11– Harlingen, Doug Tolman 11- Hanna


1st Team: Sebastian San Miguel 12– Hanna, Ramiro Aguirre 12– Weslaco East

2nd Team: Aaron Saldana 12– San Benito, Rick Garza 12– Harlingen, Deon’dre Gonzalez 11– Los Fresnos

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Trouchet 12– Rivera, Matthew Lopez 12– Weslaco, Israel Morales 12 – Weslaco, Alexis Gill 11 – Weslaco East, Raul Barrera 12 – Los Fresnos

1st Team: Hector Garza 12– San Benito, Joe Sanchez 12– Weslaco East

2nd Team: Travis Rivera 12– Hanna, Grant Drabek 12– Harlingen, Jeremiah Gonzalez 11– Los Fresnos,

Honorable Mention: Cody Rodriguez 11– Weslaco, Harry Silva 12– Los Fresnos, Chris Vargas 11– San Benito, Jason Rodriguez 12– Rivera, Gustavo Munoz 10 – Weslaco East, Sebastian Garcia 11 – Hanna, Adrien Martinez 12 – Hanna, Justin Davis 12 – Harlingen



Special Teams
1st Team: Daniel Ramirez 12- Harlingen 2nd Team: Matthew Garcia 12– Hanna

Honorable Mention: J.J. Sanchez 12– Los Fresnos, Richard LaFevre 12– Weslaco East, Francisco Moreno 11- Weslaco

Place Kickers
1st Team: Miguel Payan 11- Hanna

2nd Team: Abraham Porras 12– San Benito

Honorable Mention: Adrian Torres 12– Los Fresnos, Orlando Fuentes 12– Weslaco East, Jacob Garza 10 – Harlingen

Deep Snappers
1st Team: Sam Alonzo 12- Harlingen

2nd Team: Isaac Villareal 11– Weslaco, Doug Tollman – Weslaco Honorable Mention – Jaime Banuelos 12– Weslaco East Return Specialists

1st Team: Tyrone Harper 12– San Benito

2nd Team: Matthew Garcia 12- Hanna

Honorable Mention: Joe Reyna 11– Harlingen, Kobe Muniz 11– Los Fresnos, Devin Dena 11- Weslaco

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Harlingen ISD

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