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Marichalar out at Edcouch Elsa



Matt Stepp from Texas reports that Edcouch Elsa has let Joe Marichalar go and are looking to hire a new head football coach.

The Yellow Jackets went 5-5 this season, 3-4 in district.

Rumors started swirling before the season that Marichalar needed to win district to save his job.

This seemed like an impossible task with the amount of talent in 32-5A this year.

Marichalar took over for Joe Solis five seasons ago and led Edcouch Elsa as deep as three rounds twice.

The question now is who will take over for Marichalar?

Let’s throw out some possible replacements.

Tony Villarreal – Former Weslaco head coach
– You have to like the idea of Tony V going back to the mid-valley.

Gene Garza – Former La Villa head coach and current Edcouch Elsa offensive coordinator.
-He knows the kids and he’s won before.

Max Habecker – Former Roma head coach
-He brought Roma from Dark Ages into the light, and has proven to be able to build a program.

Steve Marroquin – Former PSJA head coach.
-He went to Hanna as the OC and look what happened.

Oscar Campos – current OC at Edinburg.
-In two years, Edinburg went from not making the playoffs, to 2nd and 3rd place in district.

Israel Gonzalez – Lyford head coach
-Not that I would want to see him leave Lyford, but he did good things over there, imagine at a 5A.

Tony Harris – Former McHi coach
-Harris hasn’t coached since McHi, but his son is done with school.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see him on the sidelines again?

Mike Uribe – PSJA Memorial
The current head coach at PSJA Memorial has been slowly rebuilding a program that was in the gutters a few years back.  Uribe not only has a track record of winning (Mercedes prior), but he also somehow gets other programs to win as well.   Look at PSJA Mem’s volleyball, softball, basketball programs.

Christian Navarro – Former Valley View head coach, current AD at Edcouch Elsa
-Navarro coached two years at Valley View going 6-4, 1-9.  He was also the coach at Santa Rosa for two years.  He’s been with E-E since 2013 as solely the Athletic Director.


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Brownsville ISD

32-5A All District List




MOST VALUABLE PLAYER # Pos Class School OFF. – Player of the Year # Pos Class School
Gustavo Vasquez 11 QB SR Bro Vets Jose Echavarria 1 RB SR Lopez
Marc Ledesma 3 QB SR Mercedes
Newcomer of the Year # Pos Class School DEF – Player of the Year # Pos Class School
Kevin Garcia 12 QB Fresh Porter Adam Walle 20 OLB SR Edcouch
Off. Lineman of the Year # Pos Class School Def. Lineman of the Year # Pos Class School
Daniel Melendez 77 OL SR Mercedes Manny Yanez 33 DE SR Bro Vets
Name # Class School Name # Class School
QB Randy Aguilar 12 SR Pace QB Albert Trevino 3 JR Edcouch
C J.J. Ortega 72 SR Mercedes C Jonas Garza 68 SR Pace
Aaron Barrera 65 SR Bro Vets
OG Eddie Rodriguez 50 SR Lopez OG Brandon Salazar 74 SR Bro Vets
Raul Barrera 76 SR Mercedes Ricky Estimbo 73 SR Edcouch
OT Justin Ortiz 75 SR Edcouch OT Damien Zuniga 67 JR Lopez
Sebastian Sosa 62 JR Bro Vets Erik Vallejo 64 SR Mercedes
TE Rafael Recio 48 Soph Pace TE Mac Lara 14 SR Edcouch
WR Johnny Ibarra 5 SR Lopez WR Leo Alaniz 3 SR Lopez
Gabriel Zapata 11 SR Pace Cris Chapa 4 SR Bro Vets
Matthew Ledesma 10 SR Mercedes Daniel Nino 18 JR Donna
Leeroy Garcia 15 JR Mercedes Jared De Los Santos 22 Soph Edcouch
TB-HB Jorge Gomez 35 SR Edcouch TB-HB Christian Gamez 6 JR Lopez
Matthew Gracia 20 SR Mercedes Eliseo Alvarado 6 SR Donna
Tony Gomez 21 SR Donna North
FB Brandon Zapata 5 JR Pace FB Isaac De Anda 40 JR Edcouch
Name # Class School Name # Class School
DT Pedro Garcia 69 SR Lopez DT Alexis Galvan 52 SR Lopez
Rey Salazar 90 SR Bro Vets JJ Martinez 58 JR Edcouch
Jose Villarreal 44 SR Mercedes Valentin Lopez 52 SR Mercedes
ILB Leo De La Torre 25 SR Lopez ILB Jose Sanchez 42 SR Bro Vets
Eric Hinojosa 11 SR Mercedes Jay P. Sandoval 44/21 JR Donna
OLB Roger Adame III 1 SR Mercedes OLB Ben White 8 SR Bro Vets
Andrew Flores 80 JR Lopez Alex Aguilar 6 SR Bro Vets
Juan Morales 31 JR Mercedes
DE Juan Rodriguez 54 SR Lopez DE Akim Ramirez 99 JR Donna
Tommy Martinez 20 SR Bro Vets Cody Alvarado 90 JR Edcouch
CORNER Raul Arteaga 7 SR Mercedes CORNER John M. Gonzalez 15 SR Edcouch
Sammy Chapa 26 SR Bro Vets Aaron Recio 25 SR Bro Vets
SAFETY Tony Medrano 27 JR Bro Vets SAFETY Eric Rangel 14 SR Donna
Ivan Vela 24 SR Mercedes Isaac Flores 33 JR Mercedes
Marco Solis 18 SR Lopez Hector Salazar 2 JR Pace
Derick Ayala 19 JR Edcouch CJ Castillo 10 JR Donna
Jay Cardenas 32 Soph Edcouch
NOSE Ramiro Barrientes 42 SR Mercedes NOSE Joel Pulido 90 SR Donna
Name # Class School Name # Class School
RET. SP Matthew Ledesma 10 SR Mercedes RET. SP Jose Echavarria 1 SR Lopez
Gabeiel Zapata 11 SR Pace
PUNTER Jose Echavarria 1 SR Lopez PUNTER Akim Ramirez 99 JR Donna
Gustavo Vasquez 11 SR Bro Vets
KICKER Joey Zarate 14 SR Bro Vets KICKER Jose Echavarria 1 SR Lopez
LONG SNAP. JD Diaz 31 SR Lopez LONG SNAP. Mac Lara 14 SR Edcouch
Jose Qunitero 72 Jr Pace

Honorable Mention

QB Alex Ramirez 2 SR Lopez DT Miguel Albores 65 JR Lopez
Hector Guerrero 8 SR Donna Alex Villarreal 52 Soph Bro Vets
Isaac Rangel 50 Donna
Jesus Costilla 70 Donna North
C Matthew Cortinas 55 JR Lopez
Rogelio Rada 76 Donna ILB Carlos Arellano 30 JR Lopez
Joe Perez 54 SR Edcouch Marc Paz 44 JR Porter
Jacob Banda Bro Vets Gus Escalante 40 Donna North
Angel Gonzalez 42 Donna North
Elih Contreras 55 SR Edcouch
Bryan Smith 6 Mercedes
OG Austin Sulewski 79 SR Pace Jose Salinas 33 JR Pace
Jose Solis 51 SR Bro Vets Andres Gutierrez Bro Vets
Nick Rojas 65 Donna
Jose Casas 65 Donna North
Alex Rivera 78 SR Pace
Joel Chapa 74 JR Lopez
Joseph Estimbo 72 JR Edcouch OLB Leo Ramos 28 JR Lopez
Adam Gonzalez 79 Soph Porter Alan Perez 45 JR Pace
Steve Garza 78 JR Porter David Galvan 11 Donna
Arath Martinez 24 Donna North
OT Michael Torres 77 SR Lopez Nate Vallejo 46 JR Edcouch
Julio Hernandez 71 JR Pace Javier Garcia 10 JR Pace
Hector Guijarro 64 JR Bro Vets Manuel Sandoval 88 JR Porter
Fernando Mata 77 Donna
Adolfo Ibarra 69 JR Edcouch DE Pablo Iracheta 42 JR Pace
Daniel Belmares 47 Donna North
TE Bruno Flores 34 SR Lopez Jesus Lagunes 80 Donna North
Damian Maldonado 88 Soph Bro Vets Jorge Cavazos 45 Mercedes
Julian Diaz 42 Donna Christopher Hogan 32 Mercedes
Cesar Trevino 81 SR Lopez Jovany Garcia 28 JR Pace
Josue Lucio 43 SR Lopez
Marshall Garza 53 Soph Edcouch
WR Ramiro Martinez 9 SR Porter Joseph Suarez 94 Soph Porter
Carlos Galindo 10 JR Bro Vets
EJ Masten 1 Soph Bro Vets
Eloy Yanez 15 Donna
Sergio Canales 4 Donna North
Kory Harrison 82 Donna North CORNER Alex Rivera 7 JR Lopez
Luis Gonzalez 4 SR Mercedes Jose Eschavarria 1 SR Lopez
Ryan Reyes 2 SR Mercedes Mauricio Alvarado 10 Donna
Misael Monsivais 24 SR Pace Victor Aguirre 5 Donna North
Sebastian Mujica 15 SR Lopez Brandon Rodriguez 19 SR Mercedes
Christian Maldonado 12 JR Edcouch Jose Ochoa 21 SR Lopez
Bobby Carasco Bro Vets Jesus Pena 27 JR Lopez
Jesus Beltran 21 Soph Edcouch
SAFETY Leo Ramos 28 JR Lopez
TB-HB Abel Martinez 21 SR Bro Vets Leo Lopez 32 JR Porter
Carlos Bowen 4 Donna
Sonny Vela 21 Soph Mercedes
Dylan Barron 22 Soph Pace
Alexis Gomez 5 SR Bro Vets
Jose Villalon 21 SR Porter NOSE Elimelek Acuna 44 SR Pace
Abiel Lopez 50 SR Porter
FB JD Diaz 31 SR Lopez Vicente Correa 75 SR Bro Vets
Jose Guzman 30 Donna Derick Cabrerra 64 SR Edcouch
Aleks Ramos 38 Mercedes
Joe Solis 45 SR Porter
RET. SP John M. Gonzalez 15 SR Edcouch KICKER Akim Ramirez 99 JR Donna
Ronaldo Mata 9 SR Edcouch
PUNTER Randy Aguilar 12 SR Pace Luis Munoz 84 SR Mercedes
Rigo Escobar 20 Soph Donna North
Angel Crispin 18 Soph Edcouch LONG SNAPPER Damian Maldonado 88 Soph
Marc Ledesma 3 SR Mercedes Jay P. Sandoval 44/21 JR
Bryan Smith 6 SR

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