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San Benito Softball Star Signs With Jarvis Christian College



The San Benito softball program has sent many a star player on to the next level, and on a blustery, bone-chilling December Wednesday, another Lady hound joined those ranks.

Greyhounds first baseman/outfielder Meagan Ybarra signed a letter of intent to play softball for Jarvis Christian College, an NAIA program located in Hawkins, Texas.

Ybarra, first team all-district as a sophomore and the designated player MVP of 32-6A as a junior, joins the pipeline of terrific softball players leaving the Valley to become JCC Bulldogs.

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Brownsville ISD

District 32-6A All District List




 MVP– Richard LeFevre 12 – Weslaco East

Offensive Player of the Year – Eric Retta 12– San Benito

Offensive Lineman of the Year – Mario Trevino 10 – Weslaco East

Offensive Newcomer of the Year – Victor Campos 10– Hanna

Defensive Player of the Year – Ryan Castillo 12 – San Benito

Defensive Lineman of the Year – Ryan Reza 12– San Benito

Defensive Newcomer of the Year – Bryan Duran 11– Hanna




Down Linemen
1st Team: Jacob Banda 11– East, Juan Menchacha – San Benito, Luis Rivas 12– Los Fresnos, Tristan Garcia 11- Harlingen

2nd Team: Sky Tatum 12– Harlingen South, Luis Ortiz 12 – Hanna, Tony Extevane 12- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: Giovanni Rivera 11 – Hanna, Brandon Estevez 11 – Hanna, Roy De La Garza 12 – Los Fresnos, Seth Sanchez 11 – Weslaco, Gabriel Cuellar 10– Rivera, Robert Torres 11 – Weslaco East, Lorenzo Villareal 11 – Los Fresnos, Eladio Flores 12 – Harlingen

Defensive Ends
1st Team: Brandon Bennett 12 – Harlingen South, Matthew Ortiz 11 – Los Fresnos

2nd Team: Sebastian Diaz 12 – Hanna, Sam Alonzo 12– Harlingen, Gerald Garza 12– Weslaco East

Honorable Mention: Israel Lozano 12– Rivera, Cameron Anderson 11– Harlingen, Avelino Garcia 11– San Benito, Fernando Garza 12– Weslaco East, Benito Juarez 11– Weslaco, Jesse Ramos 11 – Weslaco, Oscar Medellin 11– Rivera, Jose Vasquez 12 – Harlingen South, Joshua Cerda 12 – Hanna

Inside Linebackers
1st Team: Jose Cruz 11 – Hanna, Sebastian Gonzalez 12– Los Fresnos, Pedro Gomez 12– San Benito, Freddy Cardenas 11– Weslaco East

2nd Team: Isaac Iracheta 11 – Hanna, Garrison Medley 12– Harlingen, Robert Vera 11– Weslaco East, Marco Noriega 11- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: John Gonzalez 10– San Benito, Cameron Rivera 10 – Los Fresnos, Javier Navarro 12– Weslaco, Christian Pena 11 – Los Fresnos, Cole Cooley 11 – Harlingen South

Outside Linebackers
1st Team: Payne Guajardo 12– San Benito, Mike Gonzalez 12– Weslaco East, Oscar Oviedo 12 – Los Fresnos

2nd Team: Isaiah Martinez 12 – Harlingen, Andrew Olguin 12– Weslaco,

Honorable Mention: Marcos San Miguel 11– Harlingen, Carols Espinoza 11– Weslaco East, Roy Trevino 11 – Weslaco, Johnny Cadengo 11– Los Fresnos



1st Team: J.J. Sanchez 12– Los Fresnos, Jaime Banuelos 12– Weslaco East, Alec Prieto 12– San Benito 2nd Team: Jacob Cavazos 12– San Benito, Miguel Payan 11– Hanna,

Honorable Mention: David Pena 12– Rivera, J.J. Wright 11– Harlingen, Kobe Muniz 11– Los Fresnos, Alvaro Medrano 12– Weslaco East, Axel Camarena 11– Weslaco, Alcee Flores 11 – Hanna, Justin Munivez 11 – Harlingen

1st Team: Matthew Garcia 12– Hanna, Nathan Martinez 12– Harlingen, Johnny Cadengo 11– Los Fresnos, Nicholas Castaneda 11 – San Benito,

2nd Team: Leo Martinez 11– Rivera, Albert Mercado 11 – San Benito, Ramsey Vasquez 10– Weslaco East, Evan Margo 12- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: Andres Sustaeta 11– Hanna, Daniel Garcia 11– San Benito, Benny Prado 11– Rivera, Lee Trevino 11– Los Fresnos, Issaac Moreno 11 – Harlingen South, Ezra Rubio 12 – Harlingen




1st Team: Charles Chapa 12– Los Fresnos 2nd Team: Daniel Ramirez 12- Harlingen

Honorable Mention: Nico Blanco 12– Rivera, Marco Leal 12 – Weslaco, Jacob Cavazos 10 – Weslaco, David Torres 10 – Harlingen South, Justin Martinez 12 – Hanna

1st Team: Cesar Mancias 11– Hanna, Tyrone Harper 12– San Benito

2nd Team: Matt Desantiago 12– Weslaco, Albert Banuelos 11– Los Fresnos

Honorable Mention: Matthew Garcia 12– Hanna, Roy Pedraza 12– Weslaco East, Dereck Ybarra 12– Weslaco East

1st Team: Christian Cortez 11- South

2nd Team: Randy Cardoza 10– Weslaco East

Honorable Mention: Aaron Frausto 11– Hanna, Jacob Carrasco 10 – Weslaco East


Tight Ends
1st Team: Paulino Arevalo 12– Weslaco East, 2nd Team: Rollie Berrones 10- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: Ryan Reza 12– San Benito, Donovan Trevino 12- Rivera



Inside Receivers
1st Team: Joe Cavazos III 12– Hanna, Ethan Martinez 12– Harlingen, Isaiah Trevino 12– San Benito

2nd Team: Mitch Guajardo 11– San Benito, Jaime Banuelos 12– Weslaco East, Jaden Cavazos 10- Weslaco

Honorable Mention: Frankie Garcia 11– San Benito, Aaron Frausto 11– Hanna, Adrian Alaniz 12– Los Fresnos, Alvaro Medrano 12– Weslaco East, Jaime Belmontes 11 – Harlingen South,

Outside Receivers
1st Team: Rolando Ramirez 12– Hanna, Nico Valencia 10– Los Fresnos, Tyler Solis 12– San Benito 2nd Team: Derrick Delgado 11– South, Joe Reyna 11– Harlingen, J.C. Vargas 12– Weslaco East

Honorable Mention: Jacob Cavazos 12– San Benito, Jaime Galvan 10– Harlingen, Robert Ramirez 12– Los Fresnos, Hector Saenz 12 – Weslaco East, Oscar Lozoya 12– Rivera, Eddie Uribe Jr. 12– Los Fresnos, Brady Bennett 10 – Harlingen South, Christopher Cardenas 12 – Hanna, Ryan Wally 12 – Harlingen, Dalton Mann 11- Harlingen

1st Team: Andres Garcia 12– San Benito 2nd Team: Mario Chavez 12– Los Fresnos

Honorable Mention: Austin Cardenas 12– Weslaco, Rick Ochoa 11– Harlingen, Doug Tolman 11- Hanna


1st Team: Sebastian San Miguel 12– Hanna, Ramiro Aguirre 12– Weslaco East

2nd Team: Aaron Saldana 12– San Benito, Rick Garza 12– Harlingen, Deon’dre Gonzalez 11– Los Fresnos

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Trouchet 12– Rivera, Matthew Lopez 12– Weslaco, Israel Morales 12 – Weslaco, Alexis Gill 11 – Weslaco East, Raul Barrera 12 – Los Fresnos

1st Team: Hector Garza 12– San Benito, Joe Sanchez 12– Weslaco East

2nd Team: Travis Rivera 12– Hanna, Grant Drabek 12– Harlingen, Jeremiah Gonzalez 11– Los Fresnos,

Honorable Mention: Cody Rodriguez 11– Weslaco, Harry Silva 12– Los Fresnos, Chris Vargas 11– San Benito, Jason Rodriguez 12– Rivera, Gustavo Munoz 10 – Weslaco East, Sebastian Garcia 11 – Hanna, Adrien Martinez 12 – Hanna, Justin Davis 12 – Harlingen



Special Teams
1st Team: Daniel Ramirez 12- Harlingen 2nd Team: Matthew Garcia 12– Hanna

Honorable Mention: J.J. Sanchez 12– Los Fresnos, Richard LaFevre 12– Weslaco East, Francisco Moreno 11- Weslaco

Place Kickers
1st Team: Miguel Payan 11- Hanna

2nd Team: Abraham Porras 12– San Benito

Honorable Mention: Adrian Torres 12– Los Fresnos, Orlando Fuentes 12– Weslaco East, Jacob Garza 10 – Harlingen

Deep Snappers
1st Team: Sam Alonzo 12- Harlingen

2nd Team: Isaac Villareal 11– Weslaco, Doug Tollman – Weslaco Honorable Mention – Jaime Banuelos 12– Weslaco East Return Specialists

1st Team: Tyrone Harper 12– San Benito

2nd Team: Matthew Garcia 12- Hanna

Honorable Mention: Joe Reyna 11– Harlingen, Kobe Muniz 11– Los Fresnos, Devin Dena 11- Weslaco

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