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Ca-Ching? Your Coach May Be Leaving!

Ca-Ching! You're Coach May Be Leaving!

Jake Berry

It’s that time of the year.  Coaches will be retiring, or some will be given their walking papers, and some coaches will improve their financial statements with moves to other school districts.


With the openings at PSJA SW and PSJA it has become abundantly clear that coaches would be stupid to not take a chance on either position.  Not only do these teams have talent, and a very favorable district, but the money is insanely awesome.


The salary for the athletic coordinator position at either school should start at or around $109,000.  Not many jobs in the Rio Grande Valley can boast that claim, but PSJA can.


While PSJA is paying well, other districts do not.  One former coach from a neighboring district pocketed only $70,000 his first year as head coach, and that was only about 3 years ago.  Some districts pay according to experience, and that hurts the young and up and coming coaches.  PSJA pays their coaches the same across the board.


So while many schools and parents are saying that their coach won’t leave because he’s winning, remember that he may be winning on the field, but he’s losing out on the end game, money.


Imagine for a second that you’re a coach making $87,000, but could make a quick $109,000 at PSJA SW.  Would you take the job?  Take the coaching aspect out and say you’re an accountant or banker.  Would you leave your job for a place that was willing to give you $20,000 more a year?


As I wrote in a previous article last year, you’re one parent away from losing your job. So why not take the money and run?


Don’t be shocked when the names you see applying come out. From what I am hearing the names are big, and that’s the way it should be.  Why should head coaches be held to a different standard than you or me?


To quote Janet Jackson or Eddie Murphy, not sure who made it more popular first, “What have you done for me lately.”  This is a double edge sword and it cuts both ways.  Coaches will move to where the money and opportunity is. Don’t bad mouth a coach for doing what any other person would do.


One last thing to ponder.  What if they take the money and take either team and get them into the playoffs?  Imagine the amount of money that maybe waiting for them when that happens.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael Martinez

    November 16, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    Let them take the $$ and RUN! Because NEITHER of these 2 schools will EVER be good enough to win 7/8 games EVERY SEASON and make PLAYOFFS EVERY FRIGGIN YEAR! Too much turnover and weak district. I’D RATHER HAVE A COACH WHO COACHES FOR LOVE OF THE GAME AND LOVE OF COACHING YOUNG MEN! THATS THE DIFFERENCE AT HARLINGEN. Little KIDS IN HARLINGEN playing little league football dream and can’t wait to play CARDINAL FOOTBALL! Because, WE Know who OUR COACH IS and WE WIN! STABILITY and TRADITION!

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