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    We should support all coaches who take their time out to work with our youth not criticize each other. It should be about the kids not the egos of certain coaches.

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    (1) School coaches shall not coach 7-12 grade students from their own attendance zone on a non-school team or in
    a non-school camp or clinic, with the exception of their own adopted or birth children.
    (2) School equipment shall not be used for non-school teams/leagues.
    (G) COACHING RESTRICTIONS. For non-school competition, school coaches shall not schedule matched games
    for students in grades 7-12 from their attendance zone. School coaches may assist in organizing, selecting players and coaches, and may supervise school facilities for non-school league play. School coaches shall not coach or
    instruct 7-12 grade students from their school district attendance zone in the team sports of baseball, basketball,
    football, soccer, softball or volleyball. School coaches shall not supervise facilities for non-school activities on school
    time. See Section 1201.
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    As I said.....It's a UIL Violation

    Thanks For the Info....Folks Need to Know

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    Quote Originally Posted by HBA SUPPORTER View Post

    Fantastic Job.....But San Antonio is not in the Same Universe when it comes to quality competition.....Drive another hour and play against some of the best in the Nation.....Said it many times and I believe it to be true....Would rathe loose to a quality opponent as to beat a weak opponent....Unless your a trophy chaser....Then you play most your games in San Antonio, Corpus,RGV and Laredo.....You can dress up you mantle quickly by playing in those areas.....But if you live in Texas....The best teams play in Houston and Dallas.....Not even close when it comes to comp
    I do agree with you on this that Austin Houston and Dallas are much better than San Antonio but I give credit where credit is due and the hoopsters deserve it for winning up in San Antonio



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