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Hottest Trades & Transfers In The NBA To Happen Before The Cold Of Winter Falls Off

We are yet to see great ball play this year. By all means, I hope we won’t be stepping on the same shovels and the teams will be able to group up and give us a decent, worthwhile show. Finally! I mean, come on, how hard can it be for pro basketball players to play a decent game?

Why am I so hyped right now about recent transfers? Because we will be seeing good players in fitting teams this year! It’s as if the transfers are done according to the lord’s will. Players will fit their responding teams like gears, like tiny, fitting pieces of puzzle.

That noted, if they will keep up the good work at their vertical jump program and will manage to shoot a ball straight – we are in for a season of NBA treats!

Deal #1 – Usuf Nurkic acquired by Blazers

Portland’s Trail Blazers got a hold of Justuf Nurkic, while trading the star for Mason Plumlee as their first pick in the first round. The Blazers are now equipped with a talented player to amplify their offense, even though Nurkic seems to shine at the defense.

Deal #2 – Serge Ibaka with Magic?

Orlando Magic is willing to trade Serge Ibaka by the end of this month. He will be a, how they call it, “an unrestricted agent” during the entirety of this offseason.

Miami Heat as well as Toronto Raptors are already willing to sink their greedy teeth into Ibaka’s talent. Magic, on the other hand, does whatever in their strength for no one to acquire their player even though he is currently not on the team.

Deal #3 – Blazers (again) trading Festus Ezali by whopping deadline

Blazers are on fire with trades as well as purchases this season. Festus Ezeli, for once, will be traded before deadline. This trade is rather controversies. On the one hand we have Ezeli’s 2 year deal for $7.4 million and he is only in the first year of it. On the other hand Ezeli is only guaranteed $1 million next season.

A hell of a decrease, don’t you say? That and the fact that Festus was injured all season don’t make him a rather worthwhile investment anymore. Are we seeing a finishing carrier right now, as one of Blazers’ trades?


All in all we are in for a stunning season of basketball and that’s amazing. I do believe that the games will be hotter than the sun itself. What do you guys think? Share your opinions and lets enjoy a decent conversation together, as a community!



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