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It’s getting late real fast.


The playoffs are so close you can almost see them around the next palm tree. Every game matters, and last week we saw some big ones.


How did the outcomes affect the boys and girls’ basketball rankings? Well, some. The top teams stayed the same and there was very little movement in the boys’ poll as Edinburg Vela, Weslaco and Brownsville Vets won out and stayed on top with impressive records. Looks like a couple of teams may reach 30 wins before the regular season is over.


The biggest move in the poll was La Joya. The Coyotes dropped two straight and they sunk five spots in our poll. Rowe also fell just a tad after going 1-1 last week. But the good news is both teams are still in the top 10 and in the thick of the District 30-6A race for the playoffs. If McAllen Memorial continues to win games, expect them to jump into rankings.


The top five girls’ teams stayed in place. No movement there. However, the next five places moved around more than your tia on a Twister mat – and we see the debut of Edinburg Vela, which has won six games in a row and 11 of its last 12.


McHi and Rio Grande move up virtue of their wins as does PSJA North, which has gotten off the schnide. Vela comes in at No. 9 and Harlingen South goes down to 10. PJSA Memorial, which was victimized twice last week, drops out of the rankings, but are still in the playoff hunt.




TOP 10


BOYS                                       RECORD          LAST WEEK

1. Edinburg Vela                       24-3                  No. 1

2. Weslaco High                         27-4                  No. 2

3. Brownsville Vets                     26-4                  No. 4

4. Santa Rosa                            25-3                  No. 5

5. PSJA North                            23-7                  No. 6

6. Los Fresnos                            20-6                  No. 8

7. Edinburg High                      20-5                  No. 9

8. La Joya High                          22-9                  No. 3

9. McAllen Rowe                        21-7                  No. 7

10. St. Joseph                            19-11                No. 10


GIRLS                                      RECORD          LAST WEEK

1. Weslaco High                         24-7                  No. 1

2. Edinburg High                      27-6                  No. 2

3. Brownsville Vets                     26-7                  No. 3

4. McAllen Memorial                   21-9                  No. 4

5. Harlingen High                      22-11                No. 5

6. McAllen High                         22-9                 No. 7

7. Rio Grande City                      24-10                No. 9

8. PSJA North                            24-9                  No. 10

9. Robert Vela                            17-14                New

10. Harlingen South                   18-14                No. 8

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