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Rio Grande City Rattlers


By Kenneth Roberts

Freelance Writer

Paul Reyes, the new Rio Grande City Rattlers offensive coordinator, is using a deep reservoir of experience and knowledge of offensive football gained over a 27-year high school coaching career to help increase the Rattlers’ offensive firepower in the upcoming 2016 football season.

Head Coach Aaron Garcia, who was named as the new Rattler skipper in December 2015, emphasized that Reyes “has been a head coach and an offensive coordinator…His offenses have always been high scoring and put up a lot of points. He’s very creative in designing offenses, in maximizing potential, and in taking advantage of what opposing defenses give us. He’s done a tremendous job; the sky’s the limit in what his offenses can ultimately achieve.”

For the past six years, Reyes was the head coach of the McAllen Nikki Rowe Warriors. Previously he was offensive coordinator for one year at Mercedes and coached with the McAllen High Bulldogs for 18 years, with five years of service as the Bulldogs’ offensive coordinator. He recalled, “We had several good playoff runs at McHi; I worked with a lot of quality staffs.”

Reyes graduated from Van Horn High School in far West Texas in 1984. He graduated from Sul Ross State University in Alpine in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in English. Shortly after graduating from Sul Ross, Reyes moved to the Rio Grande Valley, where he has resided and coached for 27 years.

Reyes commented on Aug. 9, “I’m very impressed with the kids in the Rattler program. They have a great work ethic and are eager and determined to win. They have great pride in the Rio Grande City program and its history. It’s easier to coach kids when they are eager to work hard and they have a hunger to win. They have definitely bought into Coach Garcia’s program and ideas.”

“We want to be a multiple set offense and be an up-tempo offense,” explained the new coordinator. “The kids seem to be having fun with the new offensive approach. This is a wide open offense that gives many kids the opportunity to touch the football. We’re trying to execute and get the kids open in space, which creates many opportunities for big plays.”

Reyes insisted, “We’re determined to win; how we attack (offensively) depends on how opposing defenses are set up and what would be most effective in defeating them…We will find our strength offensively and try to utilize it. It also depends on the offensive talent we happen to have…We will find our strength and find out what we can do best.”

The coach recalled that in the past, his teams “have tried to be balanced. In some years we’ve been pass heavy and some years we’ve been run heavy…I’ve had the privilege to coach a lot of quality running backs and quarterbacks. I’ve been lucky to coach some successful and high scoring offenses.”

Reyes noted that throughout his career, he’s “coached a wide variety of offenses such as the wishbone, the veer, the Pro I and the spread. I’ve coached most of the offenses that have been out there.”

The new Rattler offensive mastermind declared that “we’re adding some tweaks that hopefully will make the running game for Rio more productive and explosive…It looks like we have a good offensive line, so we want to utilize it. We will be attacking frequently from the spread. We do plan to throw the ball frequently. We think our quarterbacks and receivers will be a team strength.”

About maximizing his players’ well-being off the gridiron, Reyes stressed, “I believe in teaching our kids to represent their high school and their community in the right way. We want kids to be good citizens and grow up to be leaders of their families, and to be extremely high character individuals. We intend to coach the kids in the right way and do everything possible to maximize their success on and off the field.” “I look for the Rattler program to be very successful in the coming years,” he predicted. “…You can tell that people in Rio have a lot of pride in the program. There are a lot of Rattler alumni with a deep commitment to the program.”

Reyes and his wife, Rachel, have been married for 29 years. They are the parents of one son, Kenneth, and one daughter, Joanna. They also have one granddaughter, Lela.

Reyes brings many years of experience and knowledge to his new position of directing the Rattler offense. He has high hopes that the new up tempo approach as well as other offensive tweaks will mean a significantly more potent Rattler attack. He also expressed confidence that the Rattler football program will achieve much success in the next several years.

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