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Q&A With Weslaco’s Gabriella Garza

Name: Gabriella Garza

Position: Post

Grade: 12

Age: 18

School: Weslaco

Music you listen to before games: 

The latest hiphop and rap music

Photos by Brittany Marvin

956SPORTS.COM: How does it feel winning district? 

Gabriella Garza: It feels amazing to have accomplished our first goal which was to win district. My team and I had been preparing for this new district we had this year being that we knew we were going to have to face more difficult teams so we worked hard day in and day out. We had a great amount of doubt and negativity going into the season, better yet even before school started and we were playing our summer ball, we had already been hearing all that negativity out there and people doubting us because we lost 3 very valuable players…but that only motivated us to work even harder and just let our actions speak for itself. Working hard and dedicated each and every single one of ourselves has definitely paid off but we have more goals to achieve, so all those hours and practice and hard-work doesn’t stop here.

956SPORTS.COM: Your part of a legacy at Weslaco, five district championships in a row. How does that feel?

Gabriella Garza: To be quite honest, I feel accomplished. I have been able to be apart of the team since Freshman year and cut down the net every single year. Cutting down the net the other night really hit me that “wow, the district season is officially over for me,” and it was extremely emotional and I couldn’t help but have a flashback of everything I’ve been through within this program, and working hard to win not only to continue the tradition, but because I knew Coach Fino, Coach Medina, and the city of Weslaco, believed in us to win the district title once again and I could not be anymore prouder of the girls, and to have been their captain along with Lily Rodriguez, to help push and motivate the girls to get to where we are now.

956SPORTS.COM: You guys play PSJA North, a team you guys played when Weslaco was in 31-6A. What do you know about this year’s Lady Raider team?

Gabriella Garza: Shooters. They can, and will, shoot the ball like there is no tomorrow. They have small guards that are extremely quick and aggressive and from what I hear, they are relentless girls that are going to hustle and fight till the end, but nothing that we cannot handle. We played them in our Weslaco Chickfila Tournament during preseason and we beat them by quite a few however, that was along time ago, just like we have progressed and improved as a team, they most likely have as well and not to mention, they recently beat Edinburgh High, a valley team we lost to during preseason, so we are extremely excited to meet them once again and are ready for whatever they are going to bring.

956SPORTS.COM: Do you think this team has a chance to get to Laredo and the Sweet 16?

Gabriella Garza: Most definitely. We have been playing some really good basketball lately and the growth we’ve had since preseason as a team, is absolutely amazing. We reached our first goal which was to win district, but now that we have accomplished that, we now have a new goal of taking home that win that advances us to the next round and we know that if we are fortunate to win, the teams we will be going up against only get harder and harder so at practice we all constantly remind each other that we have goals out there that people think we cannot not reach and must continue to push one another to better prepare ourselves for what is to come in the near future if we move on to the next round.

956SPORTS.COM: What’s the one thing you’ll remember about this year and this team?

Gabriella Garza: I will definitely remember how we managed to work with the girls we had on this years team to win the district title for the 5th year in a row, and most importantly the seniors on the team. There are 6 of us that have been playing basketball since we were in elementary and have been playing together every since. We are super close friends and to know that this is our last ride together is just very emotional and I wish it wouldn’t end already. I love my team and none of us are ready to go home, none. Being able to have that title as Captain along with Lily Rodriguez, means a lot to me, that I have that responsibility to push the girls to their best of their abilities when they are feeling at their worst. I love and adore every single one of the girls on my team, we all get along so well, and the love and admiration I have for both my coaches can never be replaced. Though we have won district, the fight is not over, it’s playoff season and we all are at 0-0 again, we will, defend, till the end.

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