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Vela or Weslaco, Who Will Have the Better Season?

The more enviable jobs this year were Vela and Weslaco, but who will have the better season in 2017.

Let’s start with Weslaco.

The Panthers will be learning an entirely new fangled concept, the spread.

While many people think Salinas’ offense is more passing, they actually run a lot.

However, his form of the run is out of the spread.

Gone are the days of the Slot-T that Tony Villarreal made famous at Weslaco.

One state wide pundit has Weslaco picked to finish third in the district.

That’s a tough task in a district boast the likes of Harlingen, San Benito, Los Fresnos, and Weslaco East.  Let’s not forget about Harlingen South who came around quickly to a new coach last season.

Weslaco starts the season on the road in Richmond, Texas.  They’ll be playing George Ranch again to start the season.

The Panthers defeated Marshall last season 48-20 on the road, and will be hosting this year’s game.

Mercedes will be a big question mark game for the Panthers.

Last season the Tigers couldn’t get their offense clicking to start the season and Weslaco defeated them 21-6.  This will be a tough game, going against a Tigers team with offensive and defensive weapons returning.

The district schedule starts with Weslaco East, or as Mike Gonzalez dubbed it the “Tinaco Bowl.”  Weslaco will start the season with four tough games to open the season, with a new offensive scheme, all while playing under the shadow of Tony Villarreal.

The Sabercats will also start the season with a new offense some believe.

Campbell will have the biggest line in 31-6A, and the most depth, but the rumor is that Campbell likes the power run game, not the spread Vela developed over the previous regime.

During spring the Sabercats were running a two back system from the gun, and threw it a lot, which maybe a good sign to the fans wanting the spread.

Regardless of schedule, Vela should take the district.  There isn’t much depth on most of the teams in the district.

Campbell’s staff will have room to work their offense in, as the season progresses.  It remains to be seen if 31-6A can beat a team in 32-6A after being swept last season, but only time will tell.

Vela starts out with Victoria East and Edcouch Elsa.

Last season they beat Victoria East in OT, and lost to Edcouch Elsa on the road.

They only true test may be Edinburg North.  They play the first district game of the season in what could decide who wins the district.


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